Monday, April 25, 2016


With space at a premium, imagine a wine room or cellar without boundaries or barriers, an environment free from conventional thought and restrictions, a wine room created to successfully achieve the delicate balance between form and function, while reflecting the needs and life style of the modern homeowner.

The new "wine-matrix" allows for maximum usage of space with the focus on utilization and optimization, thus allowing the homeowner, apartment dweller or loft inhabitant to maximize the usage of the space at hand.

The new approach to vinotecture is to challenge the way we look at space, so we may better understand the problem. Modern wine design must move away from a one-dimensional approach to design and to think of the wine-room as a multi-dimensional canvas. The static, cluttered, restricted and unchanging wine-room of the past must now evolve into a living stage, a place where it is possible to create an environment that alters old beliefs about space and structure and infuse new concepts that reflect the needs of today’s modern collector.

Today’s wine-room has grown far from its primary function of storage to that of “the social center”, where friends and family gather to share, rejuvenate and commune together.  The walls have come down and this once hidden and isolated domain has now become apart of a larger social arena. It can serve as a hide away for quite reflection, or a place to gather for family fun and social entertaining.

Today’s wine-room can be open to the rest of the home, and as such, the wine-room must now function on several levels, from storing and aging to social interaction, to entertainment center. More furniture, than racking, the modern wine-room must blend seamlessly into the living areas of the home, 

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  1. I love the innovative idea of a wine room underneath the stairs.